Face Lift + “With You”

I decided to go with another template.  The black shindig was a little hard on the eyes.  New stuff coming, I promise.  I fact, I got a little something here now – a poem:

“With You”

I can’t keep you full of money,
Or weight you with the stones;
It doesn’t really matter,
I’ll get ya fly on my own.

I may not be funny,
Maybe not cool,
But when you get to know me,
You’ll see I’m real smooth.

And when I use my mind,
I picture us together,
Holding hands in the sun
And through the stormy weather.

I’m not just spittin’ lines;
I’m quotin’ from my heart.
Girl, you can trust me,
It ain’t safe after dark.

Look, I’m not a playa,
And you can call me stupid,
‘Cause if you gonna play me,
I’ll blame it on Cupid.

I doubt that will happen,
If you give your attention,
I’m First Place –
Not honorable mention.

And with this blue ribbon,
It’s no surprise,
Stick with me,
‘Cause you’re my Grand Prize.

So tell me what it is,
Tell me what it do,
Tell me what it’s gonna take
For me to be with you.

I wrote this just cuz a while ago. It was going to a set of song lyrics, but I just never got it set to music.  No, there is no one in particular it is written to.


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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