Getting Eve Off

So, I was wondering the Interwebs last night, charged and excited after watching two very impressive documentaries (This Film is Not Yet Rated and Super-Size Me) that really got me thinking. My mission: to seek out and watch more thought provoking documentaries that I would otherwise never bother to watch because I’m too lazy (usually) to seek them out any other time. The results of this quest were indeed interesting. I stumbled upon, a site devoted to documentaries, after all, most people wouldn’t bother to seek these films out.I confessed I wouldn’t.


I did a few topical searches and what-not, and eventually I ran across this:

Getting Eve Off

This short character study literally floored me. For those of you too lazy or too uninterested to click the link and watch a mere 5 minutes of “wtf,” allow me to summarize this film to the best of my understanding of it:

The woman being interviewed is of the opinion that God made a mistake way back in the Garden. According to her, Eve was wrongly punished for all the mess that went down with the Serpent and the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and, you know, her eating that forbidden fruit and then giving it to Adam and – however he was convinced to do so, by her or whatever – allowing him to eat it as well. This woman is of the mind that there is a goddess to be added to Christianity, left out of Scriptures, leaving the men of the world to be forced by institution to seek to be like the greatest bachelor of all, God. Her solution – she founds her own church and attempts to edit the Bible to include to missing “goddess.” The result – prostitution is merely the acknowledgment of the existence of the “goddess.”

In case you didn’t figure it out already, this woman is a lowly prostitute. One who claims that in order to seek God’s perfection, men must recognize the “goddess” in the Bible, and can do so by paying for sex. Never mind the fact that she herself believes that God is NOT perfect because he “obviously” mistreated Eve in the Beginning and failed to mention that there was a “goddess” out there somewhere. She claims that she has all the legal documentation for her “religious” belief and therefore she is a practitioner of a faith.  I case you are missing the point here, yet further make it plain for you –  she went through the trouble of forming a religious body in order to make the cops stop arresting her for BREAKING THE LAW. We’re not even talking about God’s Law (yes, God disapproves of prostitution), but MAN’s law.

She laments over the dark stigma placed on her for her profession; I argue that that stigma is not entirely religious in origin and moral in entirety. Prostitution is frowned upon universally, regardless of Christian influence, though it is often tolerated, adapted, and regared as necessary to a certain extent in some parts of the world (namely the East, which has long since recognized sex as a natural and fundamental part of human existence). How exactly does this lady expect to deal with the biblical teachings AGAINST sexual amorality? Edit it all out? She wants men to seek out God’s perfection, but she will – by virtue of having to edit the Bible – claim that God is not perfect?

Then there is that whole thing about God being, well, GOD! Who is she (or anyone else for that matter, including myself) to say that God, the One that created EVERYTHING (assuming we are arguing from a common Christian perspective as she herself says she is – “adding the ‘goddess’ to Christianity”), didn’t do what HE wanted as HE WANTED when HE inspired, guided, and oversaw the writing of the Scriptures [2 Tim 3:16-17] and, of course, when HE created the universe back in Genesis chapter 1? He said it Himself, God IS GOD [Exodus 3:14, paraphrased to layman’s terms], do what I say. He told Adam (and Eve) not to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. They did it anyway. Why shouldn’t God punish them however He saw fit? He’s GOD! It certainly isn’t like Adam or Eve could stop Him or fight back, and they were guilty to begin with.

The way I see this, if this lady wants to whore herself out so badly, and wants to do so in peace, that’s fine. I’ve got nothing to do with it, it’s not my decision to make and it isn’t harming me – though it pains me to think how sad that kind of life must be on the corner night after night. However, if she really wants to avoid being arrested so much, why doesn’t she just practice where it’s, you know, LEGAL. Nevada has several counties were prostitution is legal. The Netherlands has a booming sex industry. I’m sure there are others.

I tell you… First the Jedi (kewl XD), now prostitutes (wtf O.o). What’s next, drug dealers?


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