Hard at Work

Spent all day working on a new beat. I have a project in mind that I want to get done before the end of August, when the talent I wish to work with leaves for another semester of college at MTSU (woot, woot!).

Also, I took a cue from Tae K and started work on my own Megaman inspired tune. I’m currently working on a little stupid rap about gaming – one of my many passions – set to “Dr. Wily – Stage 3-4” from Megaman 3. I’ll try and get the beat up here soon, I actually forgot to render a rough mix… Silly me =p.

As usual, I’m working in FL Studio (8.5 beta), and I’m playing around with some brand new loops and samples from ModernBeats.com. You can try FL Studio for yourself by downloading the fully-functional (with the exception of saving) demo or you can buy the program here and get totally FREE UPGRADES for life – as in buy 8.x and get 9.0, 10.0, etc FOR FREE for as long as FLS is still developed, and it’s looking like that will be a while. It’s a great program by itself with great effects and synths, but it can also find use along side other industry giants like Pro Tools, Reason, and Cubase; I know because I’ve used it in tandem with both PT and Reason and much delight and passing grades XD.

Alright, that’s end of my shameless plugs. I’ll be back with some musack to tickle your ears…


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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