Game On

Here it is…

After spending all day recording and re-recording, some simple mixing and effects processing, it’s finally done. I present “Game On,” the first solo Nu Style project in about two years. It’s just a little musing I through out on my notebook while working on the Top Video Game Themes article for GONG. I’ve been wanting to do something with a classic 8-bit tune for a while now, and after listening to Tae K’s Megaman Mixtape again, I knew I needed to do my own “mash-up” to “Dr. Wily.” While Tae K used Lil Scrappy and Young Buck’s “Money in the Bank,” I opted to parody both K’s mash-up and “Money in the Bank” to make my own joint.

Hopefully, Capcom won’t jump down my throat XD.

Game On


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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Music by Nu Style
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