One Week Ago…

Exactly one week ago was my last post. That is really bad on my part. Sorry…


Today I got together with my cousin and frequent lyrical collaborator on a track that has been in pipline for about a month. Sometime this week, I hope to get back to this track and do some editing and processing to get a working draft up on AT4YT. However, in preparation for this new cut, let me point you to this song:

The song we recorded for today happens to be a remix, so dig that peoples XD. Look for it; DJ Cube returns for round two, joining me and possibly a special somebody that I kinda need to hammer down. Needless to say, I going to try and make this mess HOT. Hotter the original for sure, bet.

You can find this single and others on the Music Page.


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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