Toku Tuesday Special #1 – Kamen Rider Samus

If you haven’t checked out the last few posts, you won’t know that there has been a lot of toku talk around here. It’s kinda hard to come up with interesting stuff to talk about when you work on a boring loading dock for 8 hours or suffer through class for the same. I’m still working on all my music projects too, with nothing really ready to post just yet. Regardless, I’m trying to use TT as a way to keep me posting something each week.

Last week, I posted two such features, highlighting the amazing Kamen Rider franchise. This week, we shall take a break from our regularly scheduled TT, and, instead, I shall leave this little link to Kotaku that made my day a little. I happen to be fan of the Metroid series, and in particular, the Prime series holds a warm place in my heart, as Prime was the first Metriod title I had ever played to completion (the original’s lack of a map and open-endedness intimidated me for years). The Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation has just recently hit store shelves, and while I don’t plan on buying it – I still own my copies of Prime and Echoes – I would like to take the time to reflect on the fond memories of the last 10 years of Metroid.

Thankfully, Kotaku had similar ideas, and they managed to email interview the parties responsible for the Prime games. There may also be some hope for a fourth Prime title, but I won’t try to turn any rumor mills. I just thought it was neat to get some incite on the thought process behind three of the best titles on the Gamecube/Wii, however vague and limited. If I get the downtime, I may just pop the discs in for old-times sake… I don’t know, the new Arkhum Asylum challenge map is very addictive XD.

So, why is this a Toku Tuesday Special Edition?

Well, while not generally thought of as tokusatsu, the Metroid series is essentially an interactive henshin hero drama. We see Samus henshin in SSBB and she “de-henshins” at the end of each Metroid game and as a result of her Final Smash in Brawl. Her origins and much of the main story is filled with genre cliche and, ultimately, shares similarities with the fundamental Kamen Rider formula. In fact, if you substitute Samus’s Hunter Ship with a Rider’s Ridermachine, she would be a Kamen Rider.

Kamen Rider Hunter, as the Space Pirates would call her.

Metroid Prime Team Discusses Their Decade Of Samus, Ponders Series’ Future (via Kotaku)


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