Random web surfing during class leads to awesome figures

I got bored in my operating systems class today. So, in order to curb my boredom, I found myself window shopping for new figures. I thought I’d share some of the figures that caught my eye:

1) Kamen Rider Stronger Charge Up and Tackle

I had to leave my seat for a sec to get my class hard drive to do my lab, and I absentmindedly left this open on my desktop. My reward was a very puzzled “What’s this…? Is this… Power Rangers?” My instructor was indeed weirded out by this a bit. I proudly proclaimed, “Not Power Rangers. That is Kamen Rider Stronger and his sidekick Tackle,” to which my instructor (upon learning that I collect figures) would go on to share that he is a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, to his wife’s ridicule. For the record, this instructor was cool even before this revelation, but he certainly gets brownie points.

And no, Tackle is NOT a Rider. Sorry, Kyoji… XD

2) MMS DX TDK Batman SONAR Mode

This amazingly realistic sculpt of the Caped Crusader as portrayed by Christian Fail in The Dark Knight just got even more realistic. How is that possible without cloning Mr. Temper Tantrum and selling the clones dressed in full Batarmor? The Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), that’s how. This new posing mechanic is pure genius and will definitely set Hot Toys products apart from everything else on the market. What is the PERS? It allows you to pose the figure’s eyeballs. You don’t believe me? Then prepare to be epiclly creeped the f* out:

Now, couple that with the fact that this Batman also includes a second head and extra chins for different facial expressions (the classic “I’m Batman and I’m pissed” and a generic all-round Batman scowl to go with the SONAR Mode white-eyed head) and you get a rather definitive, must own Batman collectible. Period.

I want.


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