I think I just became a fan of MMA

While I will confess to watching a few UFC and Pride events on occasion, I’ve never really been big on MMA, boxing, or competitive fighting in general. I honestly enjoy the drama and impracticality of  a great staged fight than a real, honest brawl. Those things are so short and aren’t very exciting most times, especially in MMA. I really don’t want to see two guys (or two girls) roll around a cage/ring for 3-15 rounds, 3-5mins at a time. I don’t want to watch the chess match that is boxing – the fighters don’t look impressive to me most times, no matter how flashy they’re supposed to be. Perhaps I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed a fight or two, or that I don’t on occasion make an attempt at watching honest-to-goodness great fights (YouTube is great for that), but, generally speaking, I’m content with Friday Night Smackdown!, TNA Impact, and action film. Yes, I know it’s all fake, staged, choreographed, etc, but no matter what you say, I still believe “Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan” is the second best lightsaber battle in the Star Wars movie series (first place goes to “Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul”). Damnit, I want to see more than just a fight when I watch a fight: skill, power, cunning, purpose… Most times in MMA/boxing, I get the impression that landed blows are more lucky shots than well-placed offense. Grappling often involves “feeling out” opponents and trading elbows/fists to the face, head, and gut before finally ending on the mat – where the match will end should the ref decide that the combatants are doing something, when they clearly aren’t doing anything more than catching their breathe from hugging each other so hard.


Randomly generated related post links are handy. I may have been converted into a true MMA fan simply by clicking this link that popped up while visiting my man NikoScream. Said link gave me another link to this, and I say again – I think I just became a fan of MMA.

I also think that I should get some wicked tattoos so I continue playing as my hero on the playground.

SP HAS OFFICIALLY MORPH’D MMA (from SuckerPunch Entertainment, linked @ TV Squad)


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