Lyrics that won’t leave me alone

There is no title to this. I just thought I should write this down so as to not drive myself crazy.

For all my peoples –

Catch me spitting rhymes from the tops of the steeples/ of your local churches / Flirtin with all the duchesses / They flyin high / Got ’em off their flying buttresses / Yeah / I’m speaking that architecture / Fine arts fool / Sit down for the lecture / You can put me in the Louvre / the way I use the lube to put ya girl in the mood / (HA) I’m way too smooth / Got her goin crazy / didn’t use my special moves / If I do / It’s a Fatality / I’m too nice / Let me use my Babyality / Or Brutality / Lu Kang on a bad day / My 1-2 make ya go “umm, whatcha say…”

And I’ll wreck ya whole crew / Merc ya through the fourth wall / Call me Deadpool… And I’m straight out the cesspool / You know / The one they call rap / I’ma break the mold / Young, smart, and BLACK / But don’t call me a nigga / I may have the guns / But no fingers up on the triggas / I’m lookin for somtin bigga /Host of my own show / Call me Big Tigga / You want to kill me / Yeah, dawg / I see ya / You can’t get me no way / I’m rollin wit ya sista / Thundershock / I’m a Pikachu / On ya girl like / Hey / Let me peek at you /Cuz you’re  fine, girl / You’re foxy / You got 1 on ya 6, girl / Like ya name was Roxy / Got me drivin on the parkways / And I’m bout to come and park it in ya driveway / Gonna have you sittin sideways / On ya couch tripping / while we watchin Friday / But that’s enough about the future / My style’s electric / Let me electrocute ya…

Static / Like a Raichu / Stick with me and love letters is what I’ll write you / Yeah I’m still quoting Pokemon /But let me change it / Morph this / Yellin Mastodon… / Big evil / Just like Galvitron / Planet sized ego / I named it Unicron / Transformin the way you thinkin /  Geek is the new sheik / And Nu Style is the Kingpin…

I’m a devil, so let me dare you / I’m in your nightmares, homie / I’m bout to scare you / Just like Freddie I’m ready / To make this Elm Street / And like Jason I’m racin’ / To Friday the 13th / Halloween / I think it’s next week / But it don’t matter like Myers / I do and don’t speak / Cuz I’m a quiet killer / A down-low chiller / Soft-spoken in person / But still a wig-splitter


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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  1. Niko says:

    Is it sad that when I saw BLACK in all caps, my mind went to Kamen Rider BLACK?

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