I want to hate this, but I like it, yet I do REALLY hate it, so why don’t I rage?

The beat has a hard guitar lick thing going on and a solid robotic riff that carries the whole song.  There’s even shout outs to Optimus Prime and f-ing Voltron…

Unfortunately, Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne are present.  I’m generally ok with Swizz Beatz (and CB usually), but Wayne seems to take all the cool away from this.  Seriously, I’m cool with the trend of geek going sheik nowadays, but this is disturbing.  I never really thought Hasbro would go this mainstream.  Sure, the toy maker has little to do with this song, but, still, my beloved Transformers have been translated into the urban lexicon now as a metaphor for splurging on a hot girl and subsequently banging her. You know, the pastime of every rapper with a mic and somebody bored enough to listen to them.

Yes, I’ll admit I’ve written few songs in this vein, but unlike Wayne, my meager catalog includes more substantial topics of discussion.  To think that transforming robots can now be equated to shagging girls is not what I expect to find when I dust off my radio for the first time in several years (almost five, for truth).  Yet, I’m listening to it still, even as I write this. WHY?

How do you feel about this?

UPDATE: Replaced song to actual official video. 10/27/09


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