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I got the chance to view the newest DVD from DC Entertainment, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, recently. I won’t go into a deep review (as I no longer have the DVD to reference), but I will give you this micro review based on my initial impressions.

I if you haven’t been keeping up with anything DC or anything comics, don’t worry. You won’t be too lost. You don’t have to know who most of the characters are outside of Supes, Bats, and Luther – they are the major players and are basically the same old same old we are all used to. If you have been following comics, DC, or at least have a familiarity of recent events in the DC Universe, Public Enemies will make instant since. It does help that everything you need to know is given to you at the very beginning, and most everything else is spoon fed in mostly subtle ways through character conversation. This still matters little, the conflict here is still rather black-and-white.

Suffice to say, meteor of Kryptonite is going to blow away the Earth, Lex wants to save/destroy mankind to rule it, and Superman is framed for crimes he didn’t commit.  Simple.

Most of the film is spent following Supes and Bats as they trade their friendly, rival-based quips. There are several fights and confrontations inbetween, and, obviously, all ends well. But the ride to the finish is what matters.  I enjoyed most of it, but there are some issues I had with it:

* the character designs are iffy to me (Power Girl especially)

* some of the fights didn’t make sense to me (Starfire vs Superman, really?)

* Power Girl plays an important roll in this story, yet she gets next to no meaningful screen time (so why is she important at all in this story?)

As far as the DVD features:

* opening trailers have nothing to do with DC

* special features are all reused from other DC DVDs with the exception of the exceptional Blackest Night preview (as far as I know)

Overall, it’s a decent film and definitely worth a rental. I would talk more about this thing, but there isn’t really much else to say really. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies gets a 3 out of 5.


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  1. Niko says:

    The issues sound like the comic it’s based off of. Consistency.

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