Toku Tuesday #10 – Greatest Hits

It’s Tuesday. I took a break last week to take care of finals for my first quarter at ITT. That’s done, so let’s get back to the fun stuff, shall we?

Toku Tuesday: Vol.1, Issue 10

Tokusatsu’s Greatest Hits

10.  VR Troopers

“We are. We are, V-R!” Simple, to the point, and catchy. For the 90’s, that’s about as much as you can ask out of any sub par action show’s theme. Saban Entertainment might have been over-extending itself a little with Power Rangers, VR Troopers, and the coming Mystic Knights, Beetleborgs, and Masked Failure, but the fact that the shows it cranked out were inventive (considering the time) and fun (except said FAILURE) shows that even the doomed franchises had promise. This tune still creeps into my head from time to time, bringing happy memories of weekday mornings.

9. Cutie Honey

She had her own anime series (at least two of them actually), OVAs, and a feature length, live-action film before she went “the LIVE” on TV a few years back. I place no particular rendition of the famous “Honey Flash” tune on the list, but highlight “the LIVE” version simply because it’s as upbeat, fast-paced, and sexy-crazy as the show actually was – and there happens to be some rap lyrics for good measure. If you haven’t seen the recent live-action series, you should, for it is excellent.

8.  Fight (MMPR)

Believe it or not, this is the only insert song on the list. Okay, maybe not-so-hard-to-believe as most insert music is forgettable or downright unnoticeable with all the action going on on top of it. This one, however, most will remember, even if they don’t realize they remember it. When the Putties terrorized Angel Grove, the Power Rangers battled them to this awesome battlecry. It’s simple, but full of heart – FIGHT!

7. Gosei Sentai Dairanger

You will be humming this track soon after listening. It quickly became one of my favorite Sentai themes, and it happens to be the first thing you get upon watching on of my favorite Sentai series. Beautiful.

6.  Another Day Comes (Ultraseven X)

The end (?) theme of Ultraseven X, this was the song that got me into Pay Money to My Pain. I was surprised to find their album on iTunes. I was even more surprised to learn the group is straight out of Tokyo – damn good English, even better shredding. Overall, this cut is superbly matched to the tone of the series.

5.  Jumon Kourin Magical Force (Mahou Sentai Magiranger)

You want to know why this ending theme to Magiranger is on this list? It’s on the list because it’s so figgin’ cute, that’s why. Listen to the song, watch the video, and tell me that’s not cute. Then sit down and make sure no one was watching you make a fool of yourself trying to do the dance…

4.  Kamen Rider AgitΩ (Kamen Rider Agito)

The most singable hooks in all Kamen Rider themes. This is another that can easily get stuck in your head and hold it ransom.

3.  Climax Jump (Kamen Rider Den-O)

The Kamen Rider series that refuses to die has a theme that has as many versions as there are spinoff properties and then-some. There’s like, a version for each movie and special and a version for each of the Den-O’s EIGHT forms. I prefer the main version – the one used to open the main show about 80% of the series. Another catchy little ditty, indeed.

2.  Savior in the Dark (Garo)

An epic show needs an epic theme, and anime/game music super group JAM Project delivers here (as they have always done). One listen, and you will be hungry for Makai Knight action, your heart will be pumping and you will want to ride into battle with the Golden Knight yourself. What’s even better, this epic song is even more EPIC live.

1.  Go, Go Power Rangers (MMPR)

Did you thing I was going to overlook this? Please…


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