Thanks and Giving

Happy Thanksgiving to all yet again. I hope everyone is having a great holiday and is eating well. Lets all remember those that truly aren’t as blessed as most of us are, and all good that stuff…

Right now, I’m chilling with my own family folk after a great dinner and evening with church family and friends. The Wii is downstairs and getting a long-overdue workout and cake and chess pie is settling in my tummy. A fine day its been…

Tomorrow, it’s back to work. Early – too early. 7am…


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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2 comments on “Thanks and Giving
  1. Curtis says:

    I’m feeling yo verse. I think yo flow was just right for that beat. Keep it up young lad!

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