Toku Tuesday #14 – Enter the Dragon Knight


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Yes, I’m aware that Facebook is hardly a credible source, traditionally speaking, but social networks aside – this show has been axed by 4Kids. It’s a shame, because this show is fantastic. Really, I’m not making stuff up. This is NOT that crappy Power Rangers spinoff Saban tried to pull back in the 90’s; this show is the real deal, a true American adaption of a Kamen Rider series – Kamen Rider Ryuki. The last two episodes will air on the 4Kids website, but in all honesty, they may as well not even do that. To cancel a show before it even ends its first season after coming so close… Thatis a bigger slap to the face than cutting a show mid-run due to low ratings, or even pulling the plug after only one or two aired episodes. Perhaps this rant is born of an uneven head, but Dragon Knight truly deserved better.

What is Dragon Knight? As I stated, it’s an adaption of 2002’s Kamen Rider Ryuki from Japan. Put simply, there are two worlds – ours and the flipped equivalent behind the mirrors. The Mirror world (known as Ventara in KRDK) has been overrun by monstrous creatures led by a powerful tyrant (Xaviax in the States), and this tyrant is looking to expand his foothold into our world. The Kamen Riders are the only thing in his way, so he tricks them into fighting each other for most of the show – a Rider Battle Royal if you will. Alliances and friendships are made, hearts are broken, and Riders “die.” By “die” I mean they are transported to a nexus between worlds where they are kept in suspended stasis indefinitely with no hope of escape should they lose definitively in battle, or “vented.”

Now, KRDK does suffer from some bad acting, mostly from the supporting cast, but everyone on screen often comes across a little stiff and force a few lines and expressions. Thankfully, the result is often not cheesy and laughable – though there a few episodes that can just be painful to watch if you need good acting. The fights are top notch – at times even better the original action sequences from Ryuki. The stunt crew, including the good folks at ZeroGravity (Devil May Cry 3 & 4; The Matrix Online), really brought these riders to life with unique fighting styles, poses, and all-round badassery.

I highly recommend this series. Unfortunately, with its cancellation and no plans for a DVD release to my knowledge, how you go about watching this great series is beyond me. Sure, it was not a Ranger-killer, but Disney has been doing a decent job of killing that franchise all by themselves, despite producing mostly decent shows (in particular, the last two series, Jungle Fury and RPM, and SPD). In any event, I find myself rambling now, so I’ll just leave this here, and I’ll go put on my black dress to sit by the window in depressed silence for a few days…

Dragon Knight may be dead, but Kamen Rider lives on.


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  1. Niko says:

    I think Facebook is pretty credible when it’s the official KRDK Facebook page. But at least you can watch the final eps online.

    Also, you’re toku tuesday is an hour early. This is central time!

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