Toku Tuesday #15 – Final Vent

Before you start correcting me, I never said there wouldn’t be a Toku Tuesday at all this week =p.

Now that that is out of the way, on to the toku goodies:

Dragon Knight may live on…!

You may remember that last week, we here at AT4YT mourned the lost of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, canceled two episodes shy of completing its run and broadcast TV. Ironically, GaijINside posted an official statement from Adness Entertainment last Tuesday that hints at the possibility of Dragon Knight returning to TV. That’s right, KRDK may not have been canceled, only preempted (for those of you that don’t know what that means, basically, the CW has the right to pull shows in favor of alternate programming). In other words, our beloved Riders of Ventara may simply have to wait for the holiday mess January is sure to bring to run its course. We may yet see the final battle for Ventara and Earth on our TV screens next year.

It also means, in a round about way, that there could be hope for another Rider series later down the road. This is of course reading too far into the statement, but dreams are meant to be held on to. Hope hurts no one. Usually…

The cool thing is, regardless of whether or not Dragon Knight finishes it televised run, we can all watch the finale online on the 4Kids website. As in, RIGHT NOW!

I would have put the vids right here, but WordPress doesn’t support flash embeds 😦 . In any event, big ups to Henshin Justice for collecting the last five episodes in one convenient post.

Happy Holidays!

Official Update on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (via GaijINside)
The Dragon Knight Final Five are Now Online (via Henshin Justice)
4Kids TV

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One comment on “Toku Tuesday #15 – Final Vent
  1. Niko says:

    You sneaky bastard…

    Anyway, I’m guessing Adness worded it that way to hopefully lessen the blow. I really don’t put it past CW4kids to just off it. They almost should anyway. Never should have been on there. KRDK is geared for slightly older crowd. Should have been on CN whenever they have their action block with Ben 10 Alien Force.

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