Toku Tuesday #16 – Time to Party like it’s 1993

Late, but always on time…

Toku Tuesday, Vol. I conclusion – Issue 16

Let’s PARTY like it’s 1993!

August 28, 1993… Day of the Dumpster.

Damn right, the very first. This was the day that sparked a pop culture phenomenon, a sensation that would dominate Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons throughout the 90s and into the the new millennium. Toys, video games, movies, clothes, just about anything you could fathom a child would find interesting, the “Teenagers with Attitude” had one. An entire generation grew up with a mostly coherent, well-written (for the time) story arc that saw five teens become more than friends, but brothers in arms. We watched as they fought the new kid at school and later ushered him into their ranks. We watched loved ones leave to promote international peace and clapped for the chosen that were charged to fill the emptiness felt behind. An old friend gained new powers and led the troops valiantly.

Villains were married and made less scary (but strangely not less menacing). Powers were lost, new powers were acquired,  Aliens were well met, bases were destroyed, and secret lairs were discovered. Through all this we watched intently. Furthermore, new heroes were discovered from the past and futures of the present, friends departed and powers were upgraded. Together, we all shifted into TURBO, found ourselves in Space, and, before finding a Lost Galaxy, the One that guided us all along this epic journey made the ultimate, most selfless sacrifice.

We were rescued at Lightspeed. Time was defended. The Wild learned how to use cell phones, and the greatest warriors gathered to save us from the greatest threat yet. Ninjas stormed our lives. A legend thundered back into action to teach a new breed of prehistoric-powered heroes. The Alpha Squad clashed with the Beta Squad, and the dirtiest space witch this side of the galaxy became the Mother of the purest magic.

As we watched further, a lost son reigned terror and forced us to learn the true meaning of “Once a Ranger…” The Fury of the Jungle saved us from a sad heart (and stole power from the Morphing Grid). Finally, most recently, we prayed for our salvation, huddled in the lone standing oasis of the domed Corinth.

Now, we come full circle.

January 2, 2010… Noon EST… Day of the Dumpster.

And exactly 17 years from the first, we celebrate yet again. Together, with many of those that made that first journey so special…

September 3, 2001… We remember… R.I.P.

May the Power protect you all in 2010.

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