Toku Review #1 – MMPRv2

I just finished watching the premier of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers second run. I must say, the show holds up well some 16+ years later. The first two episodes aren’t as painful to relive as I feared they might. In fact, it was a pleasure and a treat to actually relive a part of my childhood. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with it.

Before I go further, know this isn’t fanboy hate. These are legit problems that I hope get corrected later in the run. The new, extra graphical enhancements really are hit-or-miss and look rediculous. The promo cards before commercial breaks, silly as they are, work well as a momentary sendoff. The dramatic freeze frames, wacky screen boarders, cutout highlights, and over-the-top visuall effects on some of Rita’s beams and spells are “enhancements” we could do without. I understand it’s cheaper to reair this series than it would be to try to strip the Japaneseness from Shinkenger (or do something original), but these stupid graphics are simply out of place.

Also of note, the Saban Entertainment credits at the end survived, the new opening sequence is just the original opening sequence with the same stupid graphic upgrade spliced in (though it actually works), and the episodes were indeed uncut as far as I could tell.

Overall, Disney did a great job cleaning up the old prints and audio tracks, but the added graphical mess is distracting. It’s like 60s Batman suddenly pops up in the middle of the episode randomly, then just simply disappears only to surprise you again with another unwelcome visit. Thankfully, the show itself is strong enough at it’s core (in particular to an old classic fan like myself) that the added crap doesn’t kill the show, only hinders things. I look forward to watching more, but I hope that Disney listens to the inevitible backlash from the fan community and tones the crappy graphic blitz down a bit – I know Disney’s not gonna eliminate it like they should.


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5 comments on “Toku Review #1 – MMPRv2
  1. Tucan Sam says:

    Now what would be over the top is if we get a monster growing into something from the Clash of the Titans remake. That’ll make a few heads spin.

  2. Niko says:

    Next step – remastered MMPR movie where the Ninja Megazord actually looks right.

    • Zasalamel says:

      No, it won’t look right at all. If a remaster of the movie gets any treatment like the one the show is getting, the Ninja Megazord will have a striking resemblece to Virtua Fighter’s Kage-Maru. Virtua Fighter 1 Kage-Maru…

  3. Zasalamel says:

    I can see it now: Clash of the Titans’ Kraken vs. Kage-Ninja Megazord from the Incredibles. This might be epic.

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