Toku Tuesday #17 – Go Say You Saw Some Goseiger

It’s the first Tuesday of 2010, so I’m starting a new volume. But I guess I’ll keep the official count in tact in the titles…

Toku Tuesday Vol. II, Iss. 1

Go Say You Saw Some Goseiger

As the show hasn’t aired yet, There really isn’t anything much I can say. However, the official website is live, so if you know some Japaneses (or have a good translator) check it out.

Also, I found the first promo;

And seeing the suits in action, even for that brief moment, I think I may end up liking them. I simply find them interesting now, with no real bias one way or the other. GoseiBlue is so tall he towers over the others – I hope the writers play off that for some good humor. Overall, the group looks really young, but down to earth; like a cross between the silly Go-Ongers and the balanced Boukengers. The new giant robo appeares promising, I like the old-school practical flaming effect on the sword (I imagine its finisher).

I’m excited to see this new series, but first, I must finish Shinkenger. I dare say this show might become my new favorite (replacing Gekiranger).


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2 comments on “Toku Tuesday #17 – Go Say You Saw Some Goseiger
  1. Niko says:

    While I like Shinkenger, it’s not replacing Gekiranger. I simply like the characters more in Gekiranger.

    • Zasalamel says:

      I think this one will come down to the finale for me. Genda is the only character I really don’t care about, so if the finale is better than Geki’s, I may have to rewatch Geki and compare the two. Maybe like Shinkenger because it reminds me of Gekiranger…

      May the Maker quicken your steps…

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