Toku Tuesday #19 – The Hunt for American Toku, Part II

While the Japanese have adopted a view of heroism that explores the idea that one must “become” the hero, here in the states, we seem to like our heroes most when they are “always” heroes. Ultraman is one of the first in the henshin hero genre, and with the development of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, that form of tokusatsu has flourished and spread all over the world. Likewise, America has its own first hero, the original “super-man” – Superman.

Tuesday Toku Delight, Vol.2 Iss.3:


Say what you will about this show, it has survived for 10 seasons. This is a feat worth recognizing. But more importantly, and relevant to this post, Smallville is one of the the most successful tokusatsu productions to come from within the States. I am of the mind that by now, Supes should be flying and saving people in his red and blue tights and NOT a sad Neo knock-off trench coat, but all that aside, the series has been very good at introducing the mainstream to DC characters, comic archetypes, and the nuances of comicdom.

Of the three DC series the WB/CW has attempted to get off the ground (Birds of Prey and Aquaman being the other two), this one is the only one that stuck and/or actually aired. I guess no one cares about Huntress, Black Canary, and a wheelchair bound Batgirl/Oracle. [I KNOW no one cares about Aquaman.] So far, Smallville has delivered us decent FX and a steady stream of DC cameos, in particular in the later seasons. I haven’t watched the show since season 2 or 3, but with this new 10th season, some interesting things are supposed to be going down, as this poster suggests:

A REAL Justice Society/League anyone…?


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3 comments on “Toku Tuesday #19 – The Hunt for American Toku, Part II
  1. Niko says:

    I am of the same mind, but I am still looking forward to the Justice Society episode.

    Really, only these gimmick episodes this season have gotten me watching those specific episodes. I fell off around season 4 or 5 or whenever Jonathon Kent died. He should be Superman by now, but throwing in Wonder Twins and the Justice Society does pique my interest.

    But if we’re talking about successful American toku productions, Star Trek still wins out.

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