Comic quotes that bring joy to my Heart

I’ve been rereading some of my meager, totally unimpressive collection of trades lately. I often wonder how I’m going to survive in this world with so many expensive interests and hobbies, as I simply can’t afford to buy comics, games, figures, movies, trading cards, etc every time the impulse hits me. But in the time between sporadic splurges, there are always old memories and the opportunity to relive adventures. In the world of comics, that often means the chance to smile at great (and not-so-great) writing. Here are a few quotes I’ve stumbled upon – again –  that made me smile inside:

Dr. Manhattan: … But yes, I understand, without condoning or condemning. Human affairs cannot be my concern. I’m leaving this galaxy for one less complicated.

Ozymadias: But you regained interest in human life…

Dr. Manhattan: Yes, I have. I think perhaps I’ll create some.

Watchmen, Chapter XII – Alan Moore

It’s not death if you refuse it.

The Crow – J. O’Barr

Beast: I need eggs, Scott. Not “Hot Pockets.” I don’t even know what a “Hot Pocket” is. I don’t want to know.

Cyclops: We need groceries. Okay.

Beast: Don’t make me learn about “Hot Pockets,” Scott. My fingers are working again. I’ve been having such a wonderful day.

Uncanny X-men #501 – Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction

And this one is so ridiculous, it must be the best quote in all of comicdom:

Skeleton Man: Samantha Brown! You have to get out of here! Your vagina is haunted!

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #53 – Jim Balent

No, I don’t own this comic, but part of me wishes I did. This is already great out of context, but if you check out what is going on in this issue and notice how retarded it all is, you’ll understand why I like this quote so much more. And:


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