New Chapter – NV Ep.IV

Chapter 4 of Night Visions is up. Enjoy.


The storm had arrived.

The valley slept peacefully under the night sky.  Soft clouds blanketed the smooth hills and the grassy plains.  The stars beamed, and the moon stood watch over the land.  There was quiet and restfulness throughout the valley.  Indeed, there was comfort and peace in the gentle, cool night air.

Overlooking the whole scene, Zelda stood atop the far zenith of the far ridge.  Calm and collected, she surveyed the valley in its slumber.  It was beautiful, yet the solemn and serine landscape below would soon be awakened and turned into a fierce and bloody battlefield.  The convoy would appear at the mouth of the valley pass at any moment.  There, she would lead her devils to the slaughter.

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