Two New Chapters – NV Eps. 6-7

New Night Visions chapters are up…

Chapter 6:

It disgusted Ruto to see how much men could drink.  They could brutishly guzzle down pint after pint of ale and claim that they felt as clear-headed and rational drunk as they were sober.  She hated how the awful smell of beer and sweat tainted the whole tavern.  She despised the lewd conversations and the barbaric groping.  Unfortunately, it was the booze that brought in the customers – battle weary soldiers of the Exile resistance.  She could relate to them; she was, in fact, one of them, and had it not been for her only child, she might well have been on the other side of the countertop, sitting amongst the men, sipping her share of brew.

“So, he is not here?”

“No.  He left with the scouting unit to investigate last night’s attack in the valley.”

Ruto stood off in a quiet corner of the bar area with her hooded patron seated before her.  They separated themselves from the activities of the tavern around them, finding in the corner a bit of privacy.  Despite their efforts, the two insisted on speaking in whispers to each other, leaning in imperceptibly closer to hear one another.

“Was it you?”

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Chapter 7:

The room was still about him; no breeze dared to enter the open windows on either side of the rectangular office.  The heavy draperies framing the windows fell stagnate to the floor where they folded and creased in a most stately manner. Candles dimly lit the room, several in each corner with a modest chandelier looming above the hardwood in the center.  Behind the desk sat a matching high-backed chair, upholstered in the finest of Myzan leather.  In that chair, Baron Forn took his seat, presiding over the great study full of its elegance and antique furniture.

The quiet air was so soothing for the baron.  All his cares melted away as he sank deeper into his mahogany chair.  All alone he could unwind; he could forget all the difficulties of running a province of the Myzan kingdom.  Unfortunately, his feelings of solitude and rest were to be short lived.

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