New Chapter – NV, Episode 8

New chapter (Episode 8) of Night Visions is up – a little overdue, sorry. Almost time for me to finish writing it! I’m excited to get back to working on this. I really don’t know how I want to end this, but end it I feel I must.

As usual, here’s a preview:

“Easy, girl.”

Demitri leaned forward and gently caressed his mounts neck reassuringly.  The mare’s body trembled on nervously, but her fidgeting slowly ceased.  Her ears remained alert, and her head swayed side to side, her eyes scanning the ring of woodlands surrounding the tiny clearing in which they stood.

“We are here to meet an old friend, Epona.  It’s okay.”

“I don’t blame her for being uneasy.  There is something about this place – even I don’t like it.”

The clearing was sparse, filled meagerly with low brush and weedy grasses.  The dense wood all around was dark in the moonlight.  Heavy shadows passed over most of the open space, a dim expanse of cool night that led to pitch blackness in all directions.  In the center stood the party of two – Demitri atop his caramel horse, Link taking the moment to groom his own dark brown steed.

The night was nearly silent, save for the soft hoot of an owl in the distance.  The air stood still, lying like a blanket of invisible ice over the land.  An overall sense of evil permeated the forestry around them.

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