Toku Tuesday #24 – The Hunt for American Toku, Part VII

I know this is late this week, I apologize. Anyway, I’m here and bringing it, so let’s get started.

Toku Tuesday (on Saturday), Volume 2 Issue 8:

The Hunt for American Tokusatsu continues…


Robocop movie poster

I could go into a lot of discussion about this ultra-violent, cheesy sci-fi action romp-fest. I could tell you about how awesome Murphy is when he spits out one-liners in that robo-monotone before shooting thugs in unspeakable places between the legs of potential rape victims, or about how disturbingly delicious the make-up for an acid bath gone wrong is on screen, or even about the very well done stop-motion animation for the ultimate robocop. I could, but I would never do this film (and its lesser sequels and TV series) enough justice. At lease, not in the same triumphant way as DJ Mayhem and MC Mouthmaster Murf:

Yes, that is the entire movie, exactly in a nutshell – or two. Spoilers? Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve likely seen this movie several times over. If you haven’t, you really need to head down the your local video rental spot or hit up some Netflix because this movie was, and still is, that shiznit for real. It’s wonderfully absurd and over-the-top in every way, and all the better because of it. But do know, it earns its “R” rating and it wears it proudly, as it should.

Everyone should be familiar with this great guy-in-a-not-so-rubber-suit tokusatsu film from 1987. If for no other reason, watch it because that guy from That 70’s Show is in it.


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