See, what had happened was…

… Life happened, that what.

I swear, the past two weeks have been stupid crazy for me. Each time I got a moment to do some blogging or much needed work on one of several in the air projects, I got a call from work with my new manager asking (through my existing dock lead) for me to come in, even though this manager had scheduled me to NOT work. In each of these instances, it was retarded that I (and everyone else on the processing team) was not scheduled despite the fact that the trucks were obviously not going to finish themselves while we didn’t work – meaning we had to come in anyway and finish the truck.

I don’t expect you to know what I’m ranting about, but just know that I’ve been busy at work and so is the reason my post schedule has been disrupted.


Update time:

*I’ve got a rough draft mix of a new track I’ve been teasing for a bit. I plan to upload it as soon as I get home from school (where I am as I type this).

*I’ve been working on designing a new website for my local church congregation, and yesterday, I think I may have finished a decent draft of a front page. Happy dances were danced.

*I’ve been sneaking in play time with Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening when ever my brain just won’t function enough to do anything else more productive. It is much fun if only because it is much of the same.

*While on the go, I’ve been playing Pokemon SoulSilver. I haven’t beaten the Elite Four yet as I prefer to actually play my Pokemon games (as in I actually start over from scratch and tackle the game without importing powerhouse teams from other carts – though I’ll admit to importing my Cyndaquil [lv1] and Leafeon [lv22], but that’s it).

*I do have a Tokusatsu Tuesday in the works: Part 9 of “The Hunt for American Toku.”

*I also plan to end my rant on “hardcore vs. casual” gaming in rand()thoughts.

Hold tight, I think I can get back schedule…


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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