Toku Tuesday #29 – 5 Marvel movies that need to happen

It’s late, however it was still Tuesday when I started writing xp…

Tokusatsu Tuesday, Volume II Issue 13:

5 Marvel Movies that Need to Happen

With Iron Man 2 on deck to release nationwide on Friday and the announcement of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I thought it would be cool to devote the week to Marvel and its awesome characters. This installment of Tokusatsu Tuesday will focus on my personal wish list of Marvel movies. These are films based on characters or storylines that have yet to see the silverscreen (or didn’t get the proper treatment they deserved). Please don’t flood me with comments about how one or more of these are in the works; though and effort was made to not highlight franchises already done or films in the works, there may well be some overlap. In fact, I know that one or two of these are indeed either in the works or are being kicked around Hollywood right now. On to the list:

5) X-Men 4

The Dark Phoenix Saga was mishandled. Period. Had X-Men 3 focused solely on this one plot line, it would have been a far better film than it was. It didn’t suck, but it wasn’t good either. I cannot stand to allow one of Marvel’s best properties wallow any longer in sub-mediocrity; therefore, I say forget rebooting the franchise and just move on. You must be scratching your heads at this. Let me explain:

Magneto (as much as I love the character and Sir Ian McKellen) was, unfortunately, overused in the franchise. The X-Men’s rouges gallery is much too large for the “Master of Magnetism” to be the only threat present in the film series. I want a new trilogy, or at least a two film arc, that covers any one of the biggest X-Men events Days of Future Past, Age of Apocalypse… Actually, how about this: “X4: House of M”, “X5: Messiah Complex”, and “X6: Utopia.” I understand that House of M and Utopia were crossovers with the Avengers, but that need not be the case on the silver screen should Disney decide to allow Fox to hold on to the movie rights. A decent writer should be able to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why the Scarlet Witch goes nuts, Magneto can finally become a non-issue, Cyclops and Xavier can both be easily retconned back to life (thanks to Wanda’s giving everyone what they want most), and new villains can take center stage (the Hellfire Club perhaps) – and that’s just the first movie. “Messiah Complex” needs little explanation if “X4” is done right, and “Utopia” would really be an adaption of Second Coming.

4) Heroes For Hire

Luke Cage seems to be getting a movie treatment at some point in the future, and I hope it isn’t solo. Iron Fist and the ladies of the second volume (Misty Knight and Colleen Wing) would make for an interesting take on the superhero team thing. I mean, they fight crime for money. They’re mercenaries basically. The film could focus on the team breaking up – as opposed to coming together. Why? Well, Luke eventually marries a white chick, Danny (Iron Fist) and Misty are exes (though they eventually marry), and domestic turmoil is always more interesting than punching thugs in the face. If Marvel does this in house, this movie would complement the Avengers franchises well as the second volume of the comic was produced solely to compliment the Civil War event – meaning Cage and Fist will be available to spin off into a Avengers/New Avengers movie or Civil War movie, leaving the girls to take the limelight in a potential sequel that would include their team – Tarantula, Humbug, and Shang-Chi (assuming Sony has Black Cat tied up due to Spider-Man).

3) Kraven’s Last Hunt

Sony has missed a huge opportunity by rebooting Spider-Man so soon. One bad movie and a director’s insistence NOT to film in stupid 3D doesn’t kill a franchise. It’s just too soon to change everything. Really, the franchise isn’t in bad shape after Spider-Man 3; it just need the right story. And guess what? Raimi teased the hell out of Lizard in the first three films. What better way to get Kraven on the big screen than to let him hunt down and capture an assortment of animal themed villains with Spidey next on the list? This could work in the current movie status quo with no Green Goblin to steal unnecessary attention, Mary Jane out of the city, and the presence of Gwen Stacy and potentially Felicia Hardy as well for love triangle goodies.

2) The Sub-Mariner

Honestly, there is only one way to explain this selection: Namor is a f***ing bad-ass. If you disagree, allow me to point out that the only other character that the mainstream would be able to successfully associate to being anything similar to Namor is Aquaman, and we all know how terribly stupid that douche is… Namor is proof that Atlantians don’t have to be retards with lame ass powers.

1) Marvels

If you haven’t read this book, you need to. Right now. As in stop reading this blog, and go buy/rent/work online magic and read this four-part miniseries from 1994. It’s a look back at major events in Marvel’s main continuity/history through the eyes of a photographer. It isn’t often that we see the battles of our favorite heroes (or the consequences thereof) from the perspective of an everyman on the sidelines.

How would this work on film though? After all, several of the events depicted in the book do involve characters that are under the control of studios other than Marvel. Well, I never said that any of these films had to be live-action, hehe. I could really see Marvels done animated in the same style as Animatrix, Batman: Gotham Knight, Dante’s Inferno, and Halo Legends. Four different directors could be recruited to tell the four chapters in their unique styles in four segments. Hell, more animators could be invited to do segments from the sequel or just to add to the original new content. Think about how awesome it would be for this new generation of Marvel fans to learn about the roots of the Marvel universe. Just think of how many minds will be blown when newbies discover that there are two Human Torches!


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    I said the same thing with Luke Cage. A buddy flick Heroes for Hire would be perfect.

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