Toku Review #5 – Iron Man 2

Whiplash character poster for Iron Man 2

There isn’t much for me to say about this movie. I find that rather strange. I’m not raving about it, but I by no means think this movie is bad. Actually, it’s very, very good. As good as the first film, just not better. If you wanted this movie to be better than Iron Man 1, I’m sorry, but this sequel falls just short of that mark.


Go see this movie.

Just like its predecessor, Iron Man 2 warrants at least one viewing on the big screen for the mere experience. You will wonder why when you get there and enter the middle stretch of the movie, but if you can appreciate solid acting and an action packed finale, you won’t care so much when the thing ends. Just make sure to STAY FOR ALL THE CREDITS. [Or look it up on YouTube!]

Mickey Rourke nails this film’s portrayal of the villainous Whiplash (character one sheet above). He doesn’t get much action in his face time, but Rourke’s subtle performance is as mesmerizing as RDJ’s Tony Stark. Oh, and Don Cheadle should have played Rhodey from the beginning, nothing against Terrence Howard – who also was a fine Rhodey, but Cheadle brought out some inner angst in the character Howard most likely wouldn’t have given the script.

Iron Man and War Machine

Mk. IV vs Mk. III

As for why this movie doesn’t surpass the first one, early reviews called out the complexity of the story and the fact that there seems to be just too much going on. I agree with this notion, but I read comics and manga regularly, I’ve played through all 4 Metal Gear Solid games, and I watch quite a bit of serialized anime, etc… I’m used to multiple subplots and complex drama. I also know that much of the film’s extra drama is due to the Avengers setup Marvel is working on, and because Iron Man was the sleeper hit that it was , this franchise has become the flagship of Marvel Studios and must, therefore, bare the weight of preparing the mainstream masses for a film that will star at least 4 big name superheroes capable of supporting their own solo film franchises. This added weight, while not bad (actually, it’s well acted and decently integrated into the grander scheme of the movie at hand), certainly makes the film less tight than the first, leading to some minor plot holes towards the end (mostly editing issues due to time – the movie is 2 hours long).

So, there you have it. 4.5 out of 5. I was hype after the coda sequence, then I quickly felt satisfied and nothing more. It was a good satisfied, though; as in I could rest easy because the movie that could have sucked hard didn’t suck at all, but delivered everything it was supposed to. Iron Man 2 does everything Iron Man did and more (namely the action); it just doesn’t quite do all that better than the first one.


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