Breaking News – The Morphing Grid is still active

The Power Rangers franchise has left the House of the Mouse. Haim Saban’s Saban Entertainment has reformed as Saban Brands LLC., and as of, well, today apparently, Saban has purchased the rights to the Super Sentai derivative from Disney.

Mighty Morphin Power RangersYes, you read that right. Saban bought the Rangers back. And more. A new series is planned for next year. In the meantime, later this year the franchise will begin airing (in reruns) on its new TV home, Nickelodeo’s Nicktoons. Also, Bandai Namco has agreed to a new licensing deal with Saban.

I am overwhelmed. I am both happy and excited and sad and afraid. Disney may not have treated the Power Rangers as well as it could have, but the last two seasons were great and most of Disney’s series saw some sort of DVD release. Will Saban return the franchise to its glory days? Can Saban return the franchise to its glory days? Will we see Shinkenger ported next year, or will Saban try one more time to create an original tokusatsu? Hell, what does this mean for Toei? And let’s not get started on Bandai and its often terrible toys…

Nevermind. Who cares about all that? The Power Rangers LIVE!

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