Toku Tuesday #30 – G

Due to my current work schedule, I may be moving Toku Tuesday to a different day temporarily to make posting easier and more timely. When I decide on what that day will be, I’ll be sure to explain. In the meantime, there’s about an hour let in this Tuesday, let’s milk it: Tokusatsu Tuesday, Vol. 2 Iss. 14

It’s been some time since I sat down and watched this short homage to the Kamen Rider series. In fact, Toei has claimed that it is in fact Kamen Rider canon, making this guy the 23rd rider (if I did my math right). Also, Kamen Rider hasn’t gotten much love from Tokusatsu Tuesday so far this year – we correct this tonight:

Kamen Rider G

Basically, a wine enthusiast turned brainwashed super-soldier is freed from his brainwashing by his former girlfriend and the smell of fine wine to become the title hero, Kamen Rider G (played by pop group SMAP’s Gorō Inagaki). I love the wine motif and the how elements of wine bottles, cork screws, and other wine references are used throughout the classic Rider inspired suit and Goro’s dialog. However, what I love best about this special – part of a celebration of TV Asahi’s 50th anniversary in 2009 and a promo for Kamen Rider Decade, the 10th Heisei Era Rider series- is that it recycles stuff  from Rider shows before it. In particular: Kabuto (monster suits, music) and Den-O (the DenBird is used as G’s Rider Machine). Mitsuru Karahashi (aka Naoya Kaido, the Snake Orphnoch in Faiz) and Kenji Matsuda (Zanki in Hibiki / Jiro in Kiva) as well as several series suit actors make cameo appearences.


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