New Chapter – NV, Episode 9

It has been over about three months since the last chapter went up. I actually need to revisit this story and work on the final act as I wind this down to a close. I any event, here is Chapter 9:

“Master, I have brought my most talented Necrytes for your approval.”

The massive cavern resonated to the sound of the twenty sets of black armor rustling in strict salute. The congregation of newly turned Undead dropped to their knees as their master took his place upon the throne high above them. Not one of the recruits dared raise his head to gaze at the imposing figure that ruled over them. Save one.

“That one.” His voice thundered through the cave chamber, sending shudders down the spines of the ones below, those that had spines at least. “He dares to look up at me.”

The commander, following the gaze of his lord, motioned for the object of the master’s attention to rise and step forward. “She, my Lord.”

Slowly, the figure arose from her knee and stepped into the faint light of the altar upon which the High Master stood. She wore a modified version of the armor all the others wore, lighter and less cumbersome. Over the mail and draped about her shoulders, rested a black velvet cape cloaking her form in dense shadow in the midst of the dank chambers of the Reaper hive. She raised her head and peered directly into the eyes of her lord, unfeigned and eerily comfortable.

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To shed some light on the plot and all up to this point (the synopsis of the whole can be found on the main Night Visions page), Chapters 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 chronicle the main arc as our hero, Demitri, is reunited with his estranged love interest Zelda from five years prior. She isn’t what she once was (human to be more specific), and she happens to be leading a small band of death bringers in the area our soldier boy is stationed. Her crew is in conflict with a high noble who appears to be in league with a shadowy, traitorous  figure of the Reaper camp for whom Zelda now serves. Zelda’s mission is to stop the traitor; however, it so happens that Demetri and his fellow Exiles could stand to gain from joining in the fight.

Chapters 5, 2, 3, and 9 are flashbacks to previous points in Zelda and Demitri’s lives (listed here in canonical chronological order). There will be more of these asides as the story continues to flesh out the connection between the two and their own internal struggles. A battle looms ahead, but first, strings must be pulled.


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