A good friend if mine runs a blog called Glitchy Goblin (you may have noticed the link in the sidebar) where he often chronicles the various game glitches and hiccups that he encounters. I generally don’t come across genuine bugs and such when I play. Most times I run into the most common of glitches – graphical hiccups and freezes. This past week however, I stumbled upon bug after bug, usually to my amusement, but one major problem did cost me a Platinum trophy in one play-through. The game:

Assassin’s Creed II

Yes, I know this game has been out awhile, so I know I’m rather late to the party. Despite this, One would think that some of the problems I encountered would have been patched by now, and in fact, I was required to install a mandatory patch when I first booted up the disc. Sadly, I seriously doubt that patch fixed anything.

1) The first glitch I ran into had me smiling, but left me unable to continue my game – at least not without a restart. I had just finished some mission in Florence and was hunting for feathers on the rooftops of the northeastern sector of the city when suddenly Ezio fell through the roof of the building he was standing on. That’s right, Ezio became Kitty Pride for a moment, and I soon watched him fall through the map as the walls broke down and became transparent.

I found myself navigating Ezio underneath the city as he swam in an endless ocean. Apparently, the river along the southern edge of the map is the base level of the entire map, with the city built on top of it. My initial thought was that I could swim to the docks and from there return to the city. Unfortunately, all of the walls were still intact, so, despite the fact that I could see through them, Ezio could not swim through them. I was trapped under Florence with no way out. [Note: The video shows the exact same glitch and how to reproduce it, only in Flori. I was in Florence when it happened to me unexpectedly.]

2) While in the midst of an assassination mission, the game killed one of my targets before I could actually get to him. The result of this was quite amusing. The target reticule on the map that represented my mark latched onto the map marker for Ezio and followed my movement all over the map, even after the mission was completed. The marker remained until I rest the map by leaving for a new city.

3) After solving one of Subject 16’s puzzles, I attempted to review some database entries. I’ll admit that I was entering commands rather quickly, but, last I checked, the entire pause menu isn’t supposed to get corrupted and disappear. I could open and close the map and pause menu with Select and Start respectively, but I got blank screens for both. Obviously, a restart was required.

4) This is the biggest and most unacceptable of the glitches I endured. Upon completing Sequence 4, two story related trophies should unlock. You can’t miss these, their free just for playing so far. When I finished this section of the game, my trophies failed to ping in the top right corner. In fact, the two other trophies I earned after this experience the same session also didn’t get awarded. While I was able to redo the tasks for the latter trophies, the story related achieve ts can’t be retried. I had to replay the first quarter of the game a second time for two trophies I already unlocked. Retarded…

I investigated, and found the trophy glitch was known since the game released and affected the entire trophy system as other trophies were known not to unlock. I assume that patch I had to install was meant to correct that, but alas, such does not seem to be the case. Good job Ubisoft…

Despite all this, I still got my Platinum and finished an otherwise excellent game. If you haven’t played it, you should; just be watch out for these bugs.


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