Toku Review #8 – Tensou Sentai Goseiger

Tensou Sentai GoseigerI reviewed the first episode last February, and looking back on that first episode, I suppose I still mostly agree with my previous assessment of the design and overall concept. The overall suit design for the team is pretty neat, though the lips are distracting. The Animal spirit representations on the sides of the helmets are a nice touch, the mouths forming the helmet visors. The monster design range from awesome to gross just like any Toei series (Metal Alice is my favorite). And the angel thing actually is a double-edged sword. Allow me to explain:

As far as originality, I give Toei props. There have been plenty of ninjas, warriors from space/another time/another reality, and various forms of adventures , but there really haven’t been any heroes from heaven before. The potential this brings is refreshing. Unfortunately, as far as execution goes, all originality is lost. Seriously, this team could be ninjas, warriors from space/another time/another reality, or any form of adventurer and it wouldn’t  change a thing. In a nutshell – the show is a generic rehash of past sentai concepts with angel wings strapped on.

The card battle system, generally a Kamen Rider thing, is nothing more than an adaption of the Magiranger’s Magiphone spell casting. The giant robo combinations are nonsensical, and sometimes unnecessary, stackings of every gattai available in one massive, impractical atrocity a la Go-Onger and Shinkenger. Oh, and those super forms, I’m pretty sure we saw those on another team already:

Legend Magiranger

Legend Magiranger

Super Goseiger

Super Goseiger

That’s right, now I remember. They looked so different and RIDICULOUS with those f*ing headers stuck on them…

Don’t take that the wrong way. I don’t dislike the headers necessarily. I think they were used too much and in a stupid ways. It was fine at first, novel even. Eventually they just became an eyesore. Of course, the one redeeming quality of the headers is actually that one of them is so powerful it can henshen into a bad ass warrior as well as its own giant robo.

GoseiKnight is the most intriguing character in the whole show. He makes his appearance completely indifferent to humanity and the Goseigers, often placing innocent lives at risk with his single-minded devotion to his mission to cleanse and protect the Earth. True, he evntually becomes a softy, but it takes the whole damn series for his heart to finally melt. He’s a beast; a true immovable object. You could likely count the number of times he’s knocked off his feet in combat the whole series on one hand – seriously, attacks that would depower the Goseigers (even in their super forms) might put GoseiKnight on one knee. Yet, if you look past his incredible tanking ability, GoseiKnight is really nothing more than this series’ equivalent to Boukenger’s DaiKenjin Zuuban. And if that weren’t enough, Datas is a Zuuban clone too.

Finally, if you read my review of the first episode, you may recall I ended it with this recommendation: “I recommend that you give it a shot and give it time to develop, this could tern out to be a another Gekiranger (starts out weak then gets crazy awesome).” I stuck with the series for 42 episodes. I skipped Epics 43-49 and watched the ending, and I don’t feel guilty at all. The show remained entertaining and engaging enough, but ultimately as the climax came, the series failed to make me care. The Goseigers are pretty generic and don’t grow into fascinating or tragic figures like previous teams have done. The gantlet of big baddies they face are too reminiscent of recent villains from Go-Onger, and the message to take care of and protect the earth and the environment was just done in Go-Onger. The show doesn’t suck, but it never takes off either. Tensou Sentai Goseiger is far from heavenly, simply mediocre.


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