Another Life Chapter Sent to The Editor

So, I finished classes for my second bachelor’s degree. Assuming the best case scenario, I officially graduate June 28 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Application Development from ITT Technical Institute. If the pass is any indication of the future, I won’t be there to walk. Just to be clear – that decision is by choice.

I could go on a long rant about my less than stellar experience at ITT these last 4 years. I could complain about how totally unlike the commercials the time was. I could even adamantly implore anyone considering an education from this institution to rethink that option. I could also rave about the awesome instructors that crawled out from beneath the boulders of stupidity that often crushed us all. I could go on for hours about the many off-the-wall, often NSFW tangents my classmates (now great friends) and I often found ourselves on in the middle of class. More importantly, I can relish the fact that it’s finally over.

So, I have time on my hands again. I have a good job, a computer class to teach, and website to revamp. I have a massive backlog of games to finish. And I have this blog.

Who’s ready for Random?


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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