Pre-E3 2013: Sony

The 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo is only a few short days away, and I must say, I’m excited. Before the show gets underway, let me share some of my early thoughts. Finally: Sony.

In my humble opinion, Sony is likely in the best position of the big three. The PS3 has overcome its opening stumbles and has been home to a series of excellent exclusive games the last few years. Also, Playstation Plus has been a great value-added service on top of PSN / Sony Entertainment Network. Headed into E3 this year, the Playstation 4 has been put forth as a games machine for gamers and developers, garnering goodwill from both the ones that will be developing for the console and early adapters that will be buying it.

With several interesting exclusives already announced, including new Killzone and Infamous titles, Sony locked up much needed attention from gamers without even showing the box that will be running those games. The sharing features are intriguing and it is clear that Sony is dedicated to providing a classy, social entertainment experience. All three companies are focusing on social interactions, but only Sony has hinted at an implementation that is gamer-centric (unlike the perceptions of Microsoft) and not clunky (unlike Nintendo’s MiiVerse, which, to be fair, is still pretty cool).

However, there are kinks in the armor still. XBox Live is still the superior online service, and it looks like it only improve on with Xbox One. The Playstation 4 is also relying on Move implementations just as One is relying on Kinect. Both are awesome technologies, but how Sony and Microsoft support them will determine just how welcoming the hardcore crowd will be. In truth, both Sony and Microsoft are going to be fighting for the attention of the hardcore crowd should they decide to lean on gamers to fuel sales of the new consoles – as they probably should. All of the biggest third-party titles we know about coming into this years show are multi-platform. While this is to be expected, many consumers likely are still going to forced to choose one over the other, at least initially. The question now is: How compelling are the first and third-party exclusives going to be for both Microsoft and Sony?

We’ll find out this week…


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