Toku Celebration: Power Rangers Officially Turns 20 Today

I just wanted to leave a two links here to celebrate the occasion. The first is a cool piece from that takes a brief look out the rise, fall, and resurgence of the franchise’s popularity. It’s awesome to know that the series is financially healthy again, even if the core audience has shifted younger. Parents are buying toys, which means kids are watching the show, and that means more episodes will be made. That’s encouraging for a long time fan like myself.

The Power Rangers Turn 20 and Morph Back Into Relevance

The second is a special, last minute reminder to cast your vote for Bat in the Sun’s September episode of Super Power Beat Down. Voting ends on the 1st, so hurry and vote for the obvious choice!

Scorpion vs White Ranger

SPBD: Scorpion vs. Mighty Morphin White Ranger

Image: Bat in the Sun (Facebook)


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