Day One for Xbox One Absent a 1

I failed to post this yesterday, but want to be fair to both sides of the coming console mega-launch this fall: Xbox One will release to the masses on November 22. The system will launch in 13 territories, including the US and UK, with dates for other countries like Japan expected to announced later, though those dates are likely to be sometime in 2014.

This is one week after the PS4, and later than generally expected. It will give the One a week of pre-Black Friday consumer hype, and, like the PS4, have the benefit of the Thanksgiving holiday for early buyers to wow potential family members and friends.

I don’t plan to pick up an XBO at least for a year, but I am excited for the future both consoles are promising. As for Microsoft, the company has stated that the sharing functionality it redacted will return likely return, eventually. Other reversals and revelations recently include the packing in of a headset with each console, support for eight simultaneously connected controllers, and a slight speed boost to the system’s CPU. All of that news is both interesting and encouraging, so we’ll just have to see how well launch day goes.


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