Sad Days in Gotham on the Horizon…

Gotham City has too many sad days already, but, after issue #26, the seedy streets of Gotham won’t be brought to life by J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman in the pages of Batwoman. By far, Batwoman has been one of the best, most consistently excellent books of the New 52 initiative. If you haven’t been reading, shame on you. And shame on DC for yet again disrupting their creative teams in the middle of outstanding runs and/or solid character building.

I’m optimistic that the problems that have plagued other books in the New 52 lineup won’t effect this book too much, but I am sad to see this team go. Williams’ artwork is simply amazing, and the story he and Blackman (and Greg Rucka) have crafted thus far has been both thrilling and engrossing. Since her debut in 52 #7 back in 2006, Kate Kane has become a standout in the DC universe as a strong female lead. She is defined by her heroism and humanity, not by her gender or sexual preference – both of which just add welcome complexities to the character. Will DC now exploit or tone down this character, I don’t know, but I’m not sure I want this ride to end, and, unfortunately, it’s ending too soon.

Source: IGN, DC Comics (image)


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