Exercises of the Mind – How I Love

I try not to get too political or religious here, but from time to time I just have get some things off my chest just like anyone else. Lately, this topic has been creeping up in my everyday a little too much from a few too many sources, and I’m kind of fed up with it in general anyway. Please don’t take this to any extreme.

How I Love

I don’t agree with the lifestyle,
Choice or otherwise.
But it’s not my place to try to dictate
Someone else’s life.
I’ve got a Bible, surely,
But the truth is, it’s just a guide.
The choice to believe and follow
Is one you make up in your own mind.

See I have friends,
And I hope they know where I stand.
If they ever need support,
I hope they know I’m their man.
It’s not an issue with me.
It’s not a topic of discussion.
It’s who they are –
Another reason for me to love them.

To me, we’re all just people,
No room in my heart for hate.
I believe the Scriptures support
Separation of church and state.
Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s,
Give unto Jesus what is Jesus’.
If a husband’s husband is dying
Why should he jump through hoops just to see him?

Why can’t we all get the same tax breaks,
Work the same jobs, eat at the same table?
It may not be the Sixties,
But it’s the same principle.
Jesus didn’t discriminate,
He associated with the low;
It’s pass time for folk to stop talking
About stuff that they don’t know.

Just like it’s time to stop bitching,
We all know bullies aren’t new;
Some folk keep making themselves a target,
Just giving these trolls fuel.
At the end of the day
It doesn’t matter to me your preference or orientation,
It’s an individual task:
Working out your own soul salvation.

And there happens to be a plan for that,
I maintain that there’s just one.
But I reiterate I won’t force upon you
The Father’s Holy Son.
If you subscribe to other ideals
Or don’t know what to believe,
I, for one, am open to learn from anyone,
I can agree to disagree.

I don’t bother labeling sins,
Ultimately, they’re all the same.
How can I criticize you
When I’ve got my own guilty stains?
Don’t misunderstand my indifference
To what you do in your own bed.
And don’t come attacking me
Over something I never said.

See God is a God of love,
But He’s full of jealously too.
He created all of mankind,
But nursed a thing for a precious few.
He’s been good, fair, and just to all
Throughout every dispensation,
And now his chosen people
Aren’t any specific nation.

Whether you’re Jew, Gentile, gay, or straight,
He’s got something to offer,
But we need to recognize
We’re not in any position to barter.
That’s Bible if you want to use it,
Here’s common sense for everyone else:
We’ve got more important issues to deal with
Than what gets Ellen Page off when she’s by herself….


I'm an otaku, avid gamer, and electronic "musician." I'm forever indulging in the amazingness that is Japanese tokusatsu.

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