Stories of My Life: A Guide to Finding Inspiration in One’s Self

I’m pretty sure my sister doesn’t mind, I needed something awesome like this anyway…

Adventures in Adulthood

I want to talk about something serious. It’s a story that I feel like I need to tell, one I’ve glossed over with friends and kind of repressed for nearly 16 years simply because I think that’s what humans often do after traumatic experiences. But I’m getting ahead of myself. In my Theatre for Young Audiences class, we have to write a short, 10-minute original play or stage-adaptation of a children’s book. And because I’m already in Playwriting this semester as well, I have been hit with a million different play ideas. Among those ideas is a cycle of plays based on different moments of my life. I never realized how much my life would fit on the stage, but it’s working and it’s what I know. So for my original children’s play (not to be confused with the one-act I’m writing for my playwriting class), I decided to write…

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