Toku Mini Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is going to be a very quick, SPOILER-FREE, assessment, so let’s get to it…

Pierce and FuryCaptain America: The Winter Soldier is, without a doubt, Marvel Studios’ best film yet. Every lesson the studio has learned from each of the preceding 8 movies appears to have been used to create a wonderful, exciting, smart, funny, action-packed extravaganza of  espionage, explosions, Helicarriers, and fallen heroes. Indeed, this movie leaves the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in state that is both interesting and a little gutsy – if not entirely unpredictable. How Age of Ultron and the last few weeks of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. handle this fallout will be interesting to watch. The film also gives hints and teases to new characters and stories we can likely expect to see down the line. With the revelation that Marvel has internal plans for the MCU that stretch quite a ways into the future, and the new character developments for Cap, Widow, and Fury, Marvel is certainly pressing full steam ahead with embracing the unique storytelling qualities of this medium to take their prized characters to new places.

The cast is brilliant. Evans continues to portray Steve Rodgers as the most relatable of the MCU characters so far. Cap is a man out of his time struggling to come to grips with the complicated nature of this modern, globalized, and terrorized, world without letting go of his core values. ScarJo’s Black Widow is faced instead with a crisis of conscience by the end of the movie as her own personal past conflicts with her current heroic position. Is she just a mercanary, or has the Captain’s values rubbed off on her…? And Fury? We get to see him be both the badass we’ve always seen him to be in each of his previous brief appearances, but this time we also get to see Jackson play Nick Fury in his moments of weakness and doubt. Redford owns his role as Alexander Pierce and brings the necessary gravitas one would expect from him, while Anthony Mackie is just fine as Sam Fisher aka Falcon.

The Winter SoldierThe Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), however, is the real star of this movie. Marvel’s best villain since Loki, this assassin is ferocious. He has the strength and endurance Black Widow could never hope to match and a tenacity and brutality Captain America simply does not have. With single-minded purpose and extremely fine precision, the Winter Soldier presents a threat only Captain America can overcome, but with more than enough of a challenge that he would need the help of Widow and Falcon, especially with everything else going on in this very fun spy thriller.

See this movie and watch the MCU evolve before your eyes. Captain America: The Winter Soldier knows exactly what it is at all times, and is exactly what it needs to be at all times: a simple, funny, incredibly well-written and action-stuffed spy thriller.

Marvel’s awesome movie streak continues…

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