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Death Doesn’t Divide…It Unites

You wouldn’t think death does that to people, but it does. At least it does when it’s your family. Advertisements

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Contrary to Popular Belief – That’s Not My Name

Happy spring break to me! I have finally found the time to complete this post. Lame, I know. But let’s just cut to the chase here: Contrary to popular belief, there is an H and an N in my name.

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Growing Pains

I know. I know. I fail at posting. But the next Contrary to Popular Belief is in the works; I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it thanks to school and all. Until I am in the proper mood for

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New Hottychic Segment: Contrary to Popular Belief

My brother has a long line of segments on this thing (Toku Tuesday, his ongoing story thing) and I decided I wanted one, too. And thus, because my writing is more about my life experiences and my daily happenings, I

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The 24 Hour Play Project (Part 2)

I’m a few days late with this one (ok, I’m nearly two weeks late), but I’m here now and that’s all that matters. Think on this: “Diversity means more than just black and white.” Do you agree? I know I

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