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Toku Mini Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is going to be a very quick, SPOILER-FREE, assessment, so let’s get to it…

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Trimming the Fat: Metroid

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece that tried to explored a few possible solutions to the challenge of adapting Mass Effect for film. I liked the idea, so I figured I’d try another property. On the chopping block today: Metroid.

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Toku Mini Review – Thor: The Dark World


Marvel keeps the streak alive with Thor: The Dark World. Here are my thoughts…

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Trimming the Fat: Mass Effect

Mass Effect 3

Last week, I stumbled across an article on IGN regarding the challenges of adapting Mass Effect to the big screen as expressed by Hollywood writer Mark Protosevich. Just a few days before, I found myself in an interesting Facebook thread hijacking that boiled down to a discussion of what makes a good adaption of a work from one medium to another. These two exchanges got me thinking, why is it so hard for Hollywood to get stuff right? So, in response, I decided to break down the basic narrative of Mass Effect to see just how difficult it really is to condense the game’s story into a comfortable 2-2.5 hour film.

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Toku Mini Review: Riddick


The third live-action installment of the franchise birthed by 2000’s Pitch Black, Riddick sees Vin Diesel return to the title role along side former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista and Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff. Is it any good?

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