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Exercises of the Mind – Hyrule

triforce stained-glass

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve been writing a bit a of poetry lately. This is the reason I have a blog, to post the junk that comes out of my head, hoping that some folks out there find it interesting. So, here goes…

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Trimming the Fat: Metroid

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece that tried to explored a few possible solutions to the challenge of adapting Mass Effect for film. I liked the idea, so I figured I’d try another property. On the chopping block today: Metroid.

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Late to the Party: Pokemon X/Y Mini Review

After 17 years, Satoshi Tajiri’s Pocket Monsters are still raking in mountains of cash for Nintendo and delighting many aspiring trainers all over the world. Now that I’ve had ample time to play through the core experience, here are my thoughts as a 16-year Pokemon veteran…

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Gaming Mini Review: Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls

I am a big fan of Heavy Rain, that last effort from David Cage and his crew at Quantic Dream. The developer’s latest lofty gaming experiment is the highly anticipated Beyond: Two Souls, and so far the critical reaction is mixed, though it seems to be trending toward the negative. How did I like it? Read on and find out…

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Trimming the Fat: Mass Effect

Mass Effect 3

Last week, I stumbled across an article on IGN regarding the challenges of adapting Mass Effect to the big screen as expressed by Hollywood writer Mark Protosevich. Just a few days before, I found myself in an interesting Facebook thread hijacking that boiled down to a discussion of what makes a good adaption of a work from one medium to another. These two exchanges got me thinking, why is it so hard for Hollywood to get stuff right? So, in response, I decided to break down the basic narrative of Mass Effect to see just how difficult it really is to condense the game’s story into a comfortable 2-2.5 hour film.

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