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Stories of My Life: A Guide to Finding Inspiration in One’s Self

Originally posted on Adventures in Adulthood:
I want to talk about something serious. It’s a story that I feel like I need to tell, one I’ve glossed over with friends and kind of repressed for nearly 16 years simply because…

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A Call to Stand Against Surveillance

In 2012, the Internet beat SOPA. In 2013, the world lost Aaron Swartz and learned about mass surveillance activities of the NSA. On Febuary 11, 2014, we can continue the fight… I try to avoid too much politics and controversy here at

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fine holiday season as 2013 ended and 2014 begins in earnest. Sorry for the extended hiatus, but these unannounced breaks seem to be a thing with me. In any event, you should know: I snagged

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I have to apologize for the lengthy silence here. It’s been a packed week-and-half. Highlights include: Officially graduating with a BAS in Software Application Development (still waiting on my diploma…) Participating in a series of rather epic Yu-Gi-Oh! matches with

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Another Life Chapter Sent to The Editor

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So, I finished classes for my second bachelor’s degree. Assuming the best case scenario, I officially graduate June 28 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Application Development from ITT Technical Institute. If the pass is any indication of the future, I won’t be there to walk. Just to be clear – that decision is by choice.

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