I want to get back to writing. I haven’t done much of this in some time and I have a lot of ideas I’ve been kicking around. I’ve already have a few stories on hiatus that I want to get back to, and there are notions of a tokusatsu drama swimming in the ether of my mind right now. These things have priority, and hopefully, this page will fill out more. Until then, bare with me – school sucks…

Night Visions

Based on my main character from the web-based RPG Lands of Hope, this is the tale of two lovers separated by misfortune and reunited by fate. One a hardened warrior who dedicated his life to reclaiming his lost love; the other a young woman, her humanity uncertain, but her destiny clear. Told in an ambiguous timeline fashion (a la Haruhi ), the couple’s past and present collide on the battlefields of Myzan as the triple-sided war between the Exiles, the Society, and the undead Reapers begins to heat up… (Read it here…)

Music by Nu Style
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