Night Visions

Based on my main character from the web-based RPG Lands of Hope, this is the tale of two lovers separated by misfortune and reunited by fate. One a hardened warrior who dedicated his life to reclaiming his lost love; the other a young woman, her humanity uncertain, but her destiny clear. Told in an ambiguous timeline fashion (a la Haruhi ), the couple’s past and present collide on the battlefields of Myzan as the triple-sided war between the Exiles, the Society, and the undead Reapers begins to heat up…

Lands of Hope: Night Visions

Episode I – The Valley

Episode II – Birth of a Fury, Part 1: Origin

Episode III – Birth of a Fury, Part 2: Promise

Episode IV – Massacre

Episode V – Intimate

Episode VI – Invitation

Episode VII – To Live is to Die

Episode VIII – To Die is to Live

Episode IX – Initiation


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