I go by many names: Chris, C-Bell, Tokin, Zasalamel… But when it come to my music, my beats, I’m Nu Style. No real reason. It just stuck.

Hip-hop, Techno/Electronic, video game inspired… I try to do what feels right. I certainly not what you’ll find on the radio. I still have a ways to go. Won’t you join me on the journey?

Trackball Stick Figures

A collection of video game/anime music remixes…

To Zanarkand

Zelda’s Lullaby

Saria’s Song

Kakariko Village



Game On (Single-But-Not-Really)

Game On

Transform Ya

I do NOT own the rights to the under lying compositions that were remixed, and wholly reconstructed by me in the above works. These are NOT my songs, just my interpretation of them.


Vocal collection featuring myself…

The Last Note

Dark Days

I Ought to Be – featuring DJ Cubed and Big G

Can’t Let You Go – DJ Cubed featuring Nu Style

Certified (Officially Bad) – featuring DJ Cubed, Big G, and ST

I DO own these songs and the underlying compositions, lyrics, arrangements, and audio recordings. I may make them available for download soon… XD!
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