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I phoned you on my iPhone

So today is the one week anniversary for my new iPhone, and I love it. The bill I’ll have to pay each month – well, I don’t love that much at all… Anywho, The Winter quarter at ITT has started,

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Finals Finalizied

My first quarter at ITT is officially over (well, it will be official at 5:20 PM) and I’m looking forward to the short Thanksgiving break. I now have time to devote to Dragon Age: Origins (an incredible game by the

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The New Quarter

The Fall Quarter at ITT Tech is now officially underway and today concludes the first week of classes. I have a full time schedule of three classes: 2 on Tuesdays (Strategies for the Tech Professional and Intro to Computer Programming)

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New School

Tomorrow is the big day for me. The Fall Session at IIT Tech starts and I have two 4-hour classes to get to. This should be an interesting day. But, don’t fear. I will have tomorrow’s Toku Tuesday posted and

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She’s all grown up… and going to college…

At 5am Central time (only about 5 hrs from the time I’m typing this) I’m goning to have to get up so I can help move my sister into her dorm on the campus of Berea College in Berea, KY. 

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