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Trimming the Fat: Metroid

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece that tried to explored a few possible solutions to the challenge of adapting Mass Effect for film. I liked the idea, so I figured I’d try another property. On the chopping block today: Metroid.

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rand() thoughts – What I Want for Gaming’s Future: Part 3

Tomb Raider (2013)

I think I’ll get right to the good stuff this time: I am an African-American male in my mid-twenties. Why are so many of my favorite games headlined by either every-man white dudes with brown hair or tough-guy white dudes with no hair? This next console generation needs to give us more variety in character designs – especially when it comes to women.

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E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference Impressions

This year, I’ve missed all big events due to having to work and go to class and crap. Thankfully, the good folks at IGN and G4 are streaming and archiving all the industry media conferences. Nintendo even went the extra

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rand()thoughts: E3 2010 Nintendo Preview

In just one week, the gaming industry will swamp LA for the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3. This year looks to be a big year for each of the industry’s biggest competitors as Microsoft and Sony both look to

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Toku Tuesday Special #1 – Kamen Rider Samus

If you haven’t checked out the last few posts, you won’t know that there has been a lot of toku talk around here. It’s kinda hard to come up with interesting stuff to talk about when you work on a

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