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Exercises of the Mind – Tunnel Vision

I went exploring through some old notebooks of mine and found this…

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Exercises of the Mind – Red Velvet

More poetry, because Spring-time.

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Exercises of the Mind – How I Love

I try not to get too political or religious here, but from time to time I just have get some things off my chest just like anyone else. Lately, this topic has been creeping up in my everyday a little too much from a few too many sources, and I’m kind of fed up with it in general anyway. Please don’t take this to any extreme.

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My Room is a Time Machine

Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken up the challenge of finally doing something about this pig pin I call a bedroom. I’ll admit, I haven’t been very good at cleaning up. Not that I’m unable to let go of

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I have to apologize for the lengthy silence here. It’s been a packed week-and-half. Highlights include: Officially graduating with a BAS in Software Application Development (still waiting on my diploma…) Participating in a series of rather epic Yu-Gi-Oh! matches with

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